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Client and personal projects exploring branding, illustration, motion graphics, and more.
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Intuit Mint

Ongoing Social Creative

Motion Graphics


outlier partners with Intuit Mint to handle social content and strategy. We updated the visual guidelines for Mint’s new social creatives, focusing on a hand-drawn aesthetic with a whimsical feel to keep Mint feeling playful. I illustrate and animate the new creatives for each post across Mint’s social channels.

Art Direction: Carla Marin
Content Strategy: Kristin Sauchak, Olivia Jacobs, Sophie Biffar


Website Design

Visual Identity

outlier partnered with Onshape to rework their messaging and visual brand identity. We provided a new color palette, model directions, typography and guidelines to move Onshape into a modern world. Motivated by simplicity and the nature of 3D modeling, OutCast delivered a library of colors and shapes that helped enhance the brands 3D roots. I helped design the website following the updated brand guidelines.

You can visit the website here.

Creative Direction: MB
Art Direction: Carla Marin
Design: Elisa Michelet, Adina Sayef

New Lab

Print Design

New Lab, a Brooklyn community for entrepreneurs, was bringing their first year of work to a close and wanted a way to celebrate the people and companies it has helped over the year. OutCast designed a yearbook of sorts, titled “Year One,” that served as a memorialization of the process behind New Lab’s updated messaging. I helped design spreads and prepare the book for production.

Creative Direction: MB
Design: Elisa Michelet, Adina Sayef

Adobe MAX

Motion Graphics

GIPHY Stickers

OutCast partnered with Adobe to help run social competitions on Adobe’s channels. Adobe holds the Adobe MAX conference for design students and professionals each year. The theme for Adobe MAX 2018 was neon. These GIPHY stickers were designed to help highlight and promote content at Adobe MAX. Some stickers have more than 40 million views on GIPHY since their creation. Search “Adobe” on the Instagram Story GIF search to use them in your own stories!


Board Game Design

Educational Game Design

Zoological is a board game designed to teach children over the age of 10 logic through logic gates. Players have a card of each trait in their hand, and they play the cards that will allow them access through the appropriate logic gate. The gates required traits are on the board, and can be randomized each play through. The design does not use traditional logic gate notation and instead uses a system that mimics the notation. This is to ensure that the game feels engaging and not feel like a teaching tool.

Visual + Game Design: Adina Sayef
Game Design: Brad Anderson, Nick Kosar, Claire Merriman


Event Branding

Website Design

Print Design


Hackillinois is a hackathon run by students at the University of Illinois. Hackathons are events where students gather together to create software or hardware over a weekend. This year, Hackillinois moved to Open Source projects. The theme for the event was mining and digging in the underground. 

Design: Adina Sayef, Nichole Best, Jessica Chen, Vincent Chang, Nicole Pontaza
Web Development: Achal Varma, Vishrut Dixit

Sustainable Xbox

Sustainable Redesign

Packaging Design

The original Xbox controller packaging used a lot of plastic and overall was not eco-friendly. This new box is designed to reduce waste and to stay functional even after opening. Most people discard boxes after opening. This box comes with a built-in controller stand that the consumer can use for the product. This stand eliminates the amount of cardboard waste and resources used to recycle the product. I chose to modify the current Xbox branding with this packaging.

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