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graphic design



UI/UX Design

Mobile Design

Artventure is a mobile app designed to show the user what art-related events are going on nearby. The app is designed so the user can bookmark events and also host their own events. Events can be filtered by what category of art they fall under, as well as when the event will take place. Through the app, the user can buy tickets, find directions, see who else is attending, and share the event on other social media.

You can view the app here.


Board Game Design

Educational Game Design

Zoological is a board game designed to teach children over the age of 10 logic through logic gates. Players have a card of each trait in their hand, and they play the cards that will allow them access through the appropriate logic gate. The gates required traits are on the board, and can be randomized each play through. The design does not use traditional logic gate notation and instead uses a system that mimics the notation. This is to ensure that the game feels engaging and not feel like a teaching tool.

This was a collaborative project. I worked primarily as the visual designer. This project was created with Brad Anderson, Nick Kosar, and Claire Merriman.



Website Design

Event Branding

Print Design

Hackillinois is a hackathon run by students at the University of Illinois. Hackathons are events where students gather together to create software or hardware over a weekend. This year, Hackillinois moved to Open Source projects. The theme for the event was mining and digging in the underground. 

The design team for this project included: Nichole Best, Jessica Chen, Vincent Chang, Achal Varma, Vishrut Dixit, and Nicole Pontaza.



Sustainable Xbox

Sustainable Redesign

Packaging Design

The original Xbox controller packaging used a lot of plastic and overall was not eco-friendly. This new box is designed to reduce waste and to stay functional even after opening. Most people discard boxes after opening. This box comes with a built-in controller stand that the consumer can use for the product. This stand eliminates the amount of cardboard waste and resources used to recycle the product. I chose to modify the current Xbox branding with this packaging.


Merry Ann's



Icon Creation

Merry Ann's is a 24-hour diner in the University of Illinois campus area. This was a collaborative project that focused on rebranding Merry Ann's. The style  was meant to emphasize the traditional American diner with a modern take. The icons are updated takes on classic diner food. I designed the icons with the intent for them to be placed on a menu, or even used as wallpaper. The posters designed were each designer's take on how the branding would fit the context of Merry Ann's.

I worked with designers Sydney Friedman and Jillian Martin on this project.


Illini Union 75th Anniversary

Event Branding

Marketing Campaign

The Illini Union's 75th Anniversary was in 2016, and I was in charge of creating the branding for the event, as well as creating materials that advertised different parts of the Union's history. This was primarily a print campaign that tied into the University of Illinois' Sesquicentennial event as well. There was also an event held in the Illini Union's Art Gallery that featured different photos and relics from the University and the Union's past.

This design won 2nd place in the Student Signs/Banners category for the 2017 ACUI Steal this Idea Competition.


Queen Of Hearts

Interactive Design

Digital Illustration

This is an interactive storybook for children meant to be viewed on an iPad. The reader swipes through the pages, and animations play as the reader progresses. The illustration style is a bit darker, but still simple enough for a child who might like creepier storybook art, like I used to!



Processing 3

Game Design

Snowballin' is a desktop game coded in Processing with assets created in Illustrator. The game is an endless runner where the goal is to be the biggest snowball. You have to avoid hitting trees that make you smaller, and fire that will melt you on impact. Hitting snowmen gives you a growth boost.



Screen print

Relief print

Intaglio print

These are a few of the prints I created with different techniques.

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